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Before making a choice students need to ask two valid questions:

•    Which reporting method do I intend to use?

•    In which reporting area will I look for work?

Court reporting in schools is usually offered as an associate degree; however bachelor degrees are also available. Focus still remains on the areas of voice writing, stenography and also electronic recording. 

In addition before choosing a school to pursue this career path, students should also consider:

•    Schools that offer internships may provide valuable work experience

•    Verify that the program prepares students for state licensure by learning what percentage of graduates pass required licensure or certification exams

•    Ensure the program offers classes that focus on improving a student's speed and accuracy in stenography Some notable colleges offering court reporting programs for average two year course duration are: Atlantic Technical College, Cypress College, Anoka technical College and Alvin Community College. The six main areas of training for court reporting, captioning or CART normally includes:

•    Court Reporting Theory

•    Court Reporting, Captioning, or CART Speed Building

•    Court Reporting Academics including Court Reporting Transcript Production and Court Reporting Ethics

•    Court Reporting Software also known as CAT Software /steno dictionary building

•    Court Reporting Internship – Captioning Internship – CART Providing Internship

•    Court reporting Certification Preparation

In conclusion, whatever the aspiring court reporter’s goal, the options for education and training prove to be vast and exciting and ensure that the profession remains an ever evolving yet innovative one!